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"Thank you so much, I’ve definitely taken the right course. So happy that your class exists and made available for my crazy schedule too."  - Hit Song School Melody Writing course student, Ruby C.

"I took so much from your Songwriting class - What you said about how the structure should be satisfying, and being critical of whether each melody serves its function, was a much-needed reminder for me to stay focused on the experience of the listener and what will hold their attention throughout the writing process.” - Eloise W.

"I really enjoyed your class, you were able to explain songwriting in a way I had never heard about it before.” - Silvan R.


"Thanks for the great advice and suggestions. Your tutoring was everything I was hoping for!" - Matt H.

“This course has been by far the most beneficial course I have taken...Wayne is an exceptional teacher who has mastered delivering feedback in a constructive/critical way. It is easy to tell he truly believes in the method he is teaching, and truly cares about the subject. My abilities have grown tremendously since I began studying with him.” - Song tutoring student

“Wayne is a phenomenal instructor and songwriter. He knows just how to provide feedback on songs, and can see what needs to happen in a song no matter what the genre.” - Song tutoring student

"The approach and material taught in this course been the most valuable asset to my craft” - Song tutoring student

“Wayne is great, he’s taught me so much about songwriting and always inspires me to keep writing. He has the best advice and his positive attitude pushes me to work harder.” - Song tutoring student

"I was at your talk the other night at the Tileyard. It was really inspiring, and you gave some really helpful advice." - Tileyard Education A&R session attendee

Comment from Tileyard Education UK Managing Director, Harry Leckstein

Comment from Tileyard Education UK Managing Director, Harry Leckstein