In order to break through as a songwriter or artist you need hit pop songs. Hit songs are powerful, perfect 3-minute encapsulations of a particular emotional moment that connects with millions of people and propels the careers of their artists and songwriters forward. However, in order to write or identify a hit song, you need to understand the melody, lyric, track and structural song craft that differentiates a hit song from just a good song. Hit Song School is designed to nurture that quiet voice inside you that has a million song ideas but needs help crafting them. HSS provides you with your own customized songwriting toolkit in order to effectively speak your truth, weave your unique emotional stories into hit pop song gems, and network with aspiring songwriters and artists, in a highly supportive environment.

So move your truth to the top of your to-do list, commit to your future, study at! 



About Hit SonG School

Hit Song School provides work-at-your-own-pace online songwriting courses with real-time instructor feedback and one-on-one song tutoring to aspiring and pro songwriters to help you build/strengthen your own customized hit melody, lyric and track writing toolkit; via video chat, online at NYC studio Stand Up Sound, and at Tileyard, in London. HSS offers individual one-on-one song tutoring, melody, lyric and track writing/arranging courses designed to strengthen specific aspects of your writing) and a two-Saturday song intensive workshop.

Courses include: ‘Melody Writing’, ‘Lyric Writing’, as well as the two-Saturday song intensive workshops. All HSS courses also include current hit song analysis and live/Skype-conference-based student networking get-togethers, during which students share their works in progress, receive instructor feedback and their peers, and and have them recorded, for no additional fee.

Five million-selling hit songwriter Wayne Cohen developed based on his 25 years experience as a songwriter, co-writer, producer, artist developer and educator.

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"Thank you so much, I’ve definitely taken the right course. So happy that your class exists and made available for my crazy schedule too."  - Hit Song School Melody Writing course student, Ruby C.

"I took so much from your Songwriting class - What you said about how the structure should be satisfying, and being critical of whether each melody serves its function, was a much-needed reminder for me to stay focused on the experience of the listener and what will hold their attention throughout the writing process.” - Eloise W.

"I really enjoyed your class, you were able to explain songwriting in a way I had never heard about it before.” - Silvan R.


"Thanks for the great advice and suggestions. Your tutoring was everything I was hoping for!" - Matt H.

“This course has been by far the most beneficial course I have taken...Wayne is an exceptional teacher who has mastered delivering feedback in a constructive/critical way. It is easy to tell he truly believes in the method he is teaching, and truly cares about the subject. My abilities have grown tremendously since I began studying with him.” - Song tutoring student

“Wayne is a phenomenal instructor and songwriter. He knows just how to provide feedback on songs, and can see what needs to happen in a song no matter what the genre.” - Song tutoring student

"The approach and material taught in this course been the most valuable asset to my craft” - Song tutoring student

“Wayne is great, he’s taught me so much about songwriting and always inspires me to keep writing. He has the best advice and his positive attitude pushes me to work harder.” - Song tutoring student

"I was at your talk the other night at the Tileyard. It was really inspiring, and you gave some really helpful advice." - Tileyard Education A&R session attendee

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Comment from Tileyard Education UK Managing Director, Harry Leckstein






"My abilities have grown tremendously since I began studying with Wayne.” - student


Individual 1-hour song tutoring sessions via Skype or in-person meeting. Wayne shares a series of personalized hit songwriting tools gleaned from 25 years as a songwriter/co-writer/producer/artist developer, which will help you to create immediately impactful attention-grabbing songs. You will also receive detailed melody, lyric, structure and track critiques of your songs. Enroll, here.



Each course consists of 10-lesson online video, text and assignments from Wayne, via Google classroom, alongside video and text feedback with me.

Each lesson is designed to be convenient for your schedule so that you can do the work in short time chunks, employing multiple brief videos, readings and homework. You can work at your own pace, as little as 10 minutes at a time, or as much as 60 minutes at a time, and you can watch and then re-watch the videos, re-read the readings, and take as long as you need with the homework, whatever pace best suits your learning style. 

The videos vary in length between 2 and 10 minutes, with several of them 5 minutes or less. The readings are usually between 5 and 20 minutes and the homework 10 to 30 minutes, depending on how quickly you read or write. 

The beauty of these online courses is that once you start a course you can view the lessons and do the work anytime, anywhere you have a WiFi connection that enables you to view video and pdfs. You will need a smartphone or computer that can record and upload video and scan and upload pdfs (more about that once you sign up). Throughout the duration of the courses students receive real-time feedback on in-progress songs. Videos of each lesson are available to you on the web.

Additionally, HSS provides student networking opportunities.

Get a free consultation with one of our team, and a free interactive lesson from one of our 10-lesson interactive courses, including real-time instructor feedback, here.

Melody Writing

Students will listen, read text related to, analyze the melodies/melodic structure of, and complete exercises and compose melodies employing melodic techniques found in hit pop songs. Instructor will also provide students with critiques of students’ melodies and melody technique assignments.  Course objective is for student to learn and employ techniques and exercises for generating coherent memorable hit song melodies. (Partial syllabus, here.) 

The course is taught by multi-platinum, five-million selling songwriter, record producer, artist developer, educator and hitsongschool founder Wayne Cohen.

Enroll now in our Melody Writing, 10 lesson, work-at-your-own-pace online course, with real-time instructor feedback, enroll here

Lyric Writing

Students will learn and employ techniques for generating compelling titles, stories, structure, hooks, consistent lyric perspective, and universal, real, urgent emotional truths, found in hit pop songs. Students will also listen, read text related to, analyze the lyric structure of current hit songs. Instructor will provide students with critiques of students’ lyric writing technique assignments.  Course objective is for students to learn and employ techniques and exercises for generating coherent memorable hit song lyrics. (Partial syllabus, here.) Enroll, here.


DAW Track Writing/Arranging

Students will learn to analyze and employ contemporary pop track writing, arranging and production techniques, including use of Pro Tools, and various soft synth samplers, beat making apps and digital plug-ins. Students will also listen, read text related to, analyze the track structure of current hit songs. (Partial syllabus, here.)

Saturday Song INTENSIVE Workshop:

1-6pm on two consecutive Saturdays, November 9 & 16, 2019. 5-million selling songwriter and founder Wayne Cohen will lead two song tutoring workshops, in-person, at NYC studio Stand Up Sound (and via Skype). In these sessions, you will:

  • Wake up your creative thinking

  • Learn the differences between a hit song and just a good song

  • Learn intentional melody, lyric and songs structure tips

  • Receive detailed melody, lyric, structure and track critiques of your songs

Bring 1-2 songs or songs-in-progress to be shared during the workshop.  

Attend this two-session intensive workshop, and learn to create immediately impactful, attention-grabbing songs. Two session discounted price: $310  (regular price $370), use code TSSJ19.

Enroll USD, here. Enroll, UK GBP, here.

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